New Dead Cells Update Boss Rush Is Available in Alpha Testing

20/09/2022 - 11:45

Do you want to know how the new Dead Cells expansion works? Well, it's very simple...

There is a new area that can be accessed through the basement door in Prisoner's Quarters, where the training room and tailor are accessed. You will have to go through the basement door and follow the corridor until you reach the third door with the red boss head next to it.

Going through that door you will find another 4 doors that will take you to 4 different scenarios where you will fight with:

  • 3 consecutive bosses
  • 3 consecutive bosses with modifiers
  • 5 bosses in a row
  • 5 consecutive bosses with modifiers

What are modifiers? Basically, bosses have been given even more ways to kick your butt. You can think of extra limbs, healing powers, friends to help them crush you...

Take a look here and find out all the details about this new update and how to access it in Alpha Testing.

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