Annie, the Daughter of Darkness, will be the fourth worldwalker champion

24/05/2022 - 14:00

The new Legends of Runeterra expansion brings four new champions and Annie is the last card of this type to be added to the game in Worldwalker, which will arrive accompanied by the Tybaulk support pieces and the Ravenbloom Conservatory Milestone.

Annie's champion card is a unit with 0|2 to her stats and a mana cost of 1. When Daughter of Darkness hits, she deals 2 damage to the blocking enemy and on death or despawning, she applies the same amount to the enemy nexus instead. She will level up if she has seen you play 6+ spells or skills, in addition to creating Tibbers.

Upon leveling up, Annie will deal 3 damage to the enemy that is blocking her and stuns them, while upon death or disappearance she will hit the enemy nexus with. As for Tibbers, the card will cost 6 mana, with 5|5 to his combat stats and equipped with Fearsome.

When attacking Tibbers will stun an enemy and deal 2 damage to all enemies that are stunned or damaged in the round. Annie is the fourth champion to arrive during Worldwalker, joining Jhin, Bardo, and Illaoi.

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