Legends of Runeterra presents Norra, its first exclusive champion

25/08/2022 - 08:40

Legends of Runeterra now has its first exclusive champion, and it’s an old acquaintance from the League of Legends universe... It’s Norra, the owner of Yummi, a mysterious yordle who has long been rumored as a possible champion and has finally become one, but in Legends of Runeterra.

This is important news for the entire Riot Games universe since beyond the MOBA, the rest of the titles are also capable of generating champions and have an importance within the global story. Norra’s arrival is seen as very positive, and who knows if this opens the door to seeing her in other games in the future.

Norra is known for being a yordle mage with the ability to use portals and travel through them with Yummi. A new champion and more cards coming to Legend of Runeterra in a long-awaited expansion like Awakening is a good way to continue enjoying one of the most esteemed card games in the videogame industry today.

Here is the reveal video:

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