The Endurance Update Comes to No Man’s Sky

22/07/2022 - 09:50

What is probably the biggest update of the year for No Man’s Sky has launched. For this reason, it’s called Endurance, and the focus is on freighters, frigates, and fleets.

Endurance brings a complete overhaul of freighters and fleets, allowing players to live and work aboard their home in the stars, together with their own crew. It also brings a range of quality of life improvements, with instant access to warping and teleportation. Players can now build vast freighter bases on a scale not seen before, with specially themed areas and new features for growing food and manufacturing, plus new technology like the ability to scan and analyse planets from space.

One of the most striking changes is to asteroids, which are now more varied and appear in vast fields, with thousands on screen at once. There are new Interstellar-style black holes, nebulae, and space atmospherics to explore. Travellers can enjoy these new incredible space vistas from windows and portholes, which they can now build on their freighters. Players can also build exterior sections on their freighters to use for increased flexibility, or just to admire the universe.

If you want to find out more details about this amazing update, take a look at the complete patch notes.

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