Waypoint Update (4.0)

10/10/2022 - 11:20

2022 has been a pretty full year for No Man's Sky with free Major Updates like SENTINEL, OUTLAWS, Leviathan, and ENDURANCE, plus many of its popular expeditions. Additionally, the game has been ported to SteamDeck, where it has become surprisingly popular.

Now, on top of that, the game team is about to release it on Nintendo Switch, and as if that wasn't challenging enough, they're also releasing a big update on all platforms...

We're talking about 4.0 WAYPOINT, the 21st free Major Update that went into production last Friday and brings a design and balance overhaul, including inventories, milestones, cataloging, and game modes. It also features hundreds of community-favorite quality of life improvements. For more information, check out the full patch notes.

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