We now know more details about Worldslayer

22/04/2022 - 14:25

Some months have already passed since the free update of New Horizon. The update added new content, implemented a large number of player comments and, in general, made Outriders seem more like the game that players want. That said, there are always more things to add and improve, and Outriders Worldslayer is here to do exactly that.

Worldslayer is designed to be the supreme version of Outriders and has been developed considering both new and veteran players. If the content of Worldslayer is situated after the events of Outriders, any player can start with the Worldslayer content even after playing the Outriders content.

Worldslayer will allow players to transfer their existing characters or to create a completely new level 30 character with direct access to the Worldslayer content. It is a good moment to bring friends on board who could have missed Outriders!

Find out more information by entering here.

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