Let's celebrate the 11th anniversary of PAYDAY 2

19/10/2022 - 13:15

If PAYDAY were a person, he could vote, have a beer, or drive... well, maybe he's none of those, but he's certainly old enough to take part in an armed robbery!

The time has come to celebrate another year of PAYDAY. While 11 years isn't the most celebrated anniversary, since you've been good at being bad this year, you deserve something.

While preparing for this celebration, the PAYDAY team asked themselves, what or who besides PAYDAY personifies crime? Their minds went back to the 1920s US gangster era and all the great stories that were born there. For this reason, they have created a very special outfit, two masks and a stinger reminiscent of one of the most famous criminal masterminds in the world. More information here.

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