Predecessor patch v0.8 is here, bringing with it some exciting news!

14/06/2023 - 11:52

Predecessor fans are in for a treat, as the development team has just released patch v0.8, packed with new content.

The main highlight of this patch is the introduction of a new playable character called Greystone, an imposing and powerful warrior, who arrives on the battlefield in shining armor and impressive swordsmanship. His presence in the game will surely change the meta and add new strategies and possibilities to the matches.

In addition to the addition of Greystone, the v0.8 patch also brings with it a number of improvements and tweaks that will significantly improve the gaming experience. Balance changes have been made to existing heroes, which will allow for a fairer and more competitive experience for all players. Bug fixes and UI and gameplay improvements have also been made to provide a smoother and more satisfying gaming experience.

The Predecessor developers have been working closely with the gaming community to gather feedback and suggestions, and this patch reflects that collaborative effort. They have listened carefully to player feedback and have worked hard to make Predecessor an even more exciting and engaging game. More information here.

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