Let's meet the heroes of Redfall: Jacob Boyer

12/04/2023 - 12:45

The first thing to say is that one thing is clear… You don't want to get caught in Jacob's line of fire. He is a former army special forces sniper who became a mercenary after being discharged. A corporate contract with the private military company Bellwether Security brought him to the charming town of Redfall on confidential orders.

When Redfall fell to vampires, Jacob had a nasty run-in with one of the vampire "gods" who now rule the island, leaving him with a vampire eye and a spectral raven for a companion. Jacob is tough and used to doing what he must to survive, but will he be able to fight the vampires that threaten to destroy Redfall? He doesn't have many options. There is no way to leave the island. Discover it all here.

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