Let's meet the heroes of Redfall: Layla Ellison

10/04/2023 - 12:41

Before Redfall was plunged into chaos and taken over by a host of vampires and their godlike leaders, Layla Ellison was a mere Biomedical Engineering student at Redfall Technical University.

Unfortunately, this saddled her with a huge amount of student debt, and to pay it off, she enrolled in a medical study at Aevum Therapeutics. Then something terrible happened in Aevum, and Layla ended up with telekinetic powers. She can now use her umbrella as a shield, create elevators with her mind, and call her vampire ex-boyfriend, Jason. They're still on good terms, and he's always willing to lend a hand when there's a fight. With the help of Jason, her telekinetic umbrella, and her sharp wit, Layla is ready to kick some vampire butt!

Get a special look at Layla's life at the exact moment things went wrong in Redfall and she enjoys her incredible powers in action:

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