Arena Guide

05/05/2017 - 14:54

What does the Arena is?

It is a system that matches players and is active for a few specific hours. In this system, the players will enter the Arena server and try to fulfill the goals marked. Once these objectives are completed, they will get great prizes and players will move on to the next stage.



How can I enter the Arena?

The "Arena" server will be available at certain times. Entering this server, you can fight individually against your opponents. There are 6 different sections where you can get special prizes every day. To compete in the Arena, it is necessary to pay the indicated entry price.

Important: To compete in the Arena you must have a minimum level of 10.


How many sections are in the Arena?

It consists of 6 different sections. To unlock the following levels, it is always necessary to complete the previous section. The only way to play in an open section is by paying the indicated entry price.



How many rounds are on a level?

Each level consists of 5 rounds.



Can I compete with my clan in the Arena? Can I choose my opponents?

In the arena only individual combat can be carried out and the pairings are made in a random way.


Can I skip the round by paying?

In each level, you can only spend 2 rounds paying their price. To complete the rest of the rounds you will have to play.



What do the icons that appear after clicking the Play button mean?

After pressing the Play button, you will be queued. The game will start automatically after the 10 squares that symbolize the 10 players that will be part of the game are filled.



If I cancel the game after entering the queue do I lose my money?

If you leave the queue, you will not lose your money.


What happens if I cannot meet the objective in the Arena?

In case you do not get the objective, you can exit the level by clicking on the "Give Up" button or you can continue playing in the challenge by paying the indicated price.



Can players with different goals compete in the same room?

Yes. In the arena, the players who have different goals can be matched in the same room. Each player will go to the appropriate round if he completes his goal.


What would happen if I press the "Give Up" button entering any Section?

In case you press the " Give Up" button, you will leave the section. This will reset the rounds you have advanced. To re-enter the section, you will have to pay the entrance fee.



Can I compete in several sections at once?

Players can only compete in the sections and rounds they have unlocked.


What happens if I leave the game after the match ends?

In this case, you will not be able to complete your goal. You can start again by clicking on the "Surrender" button or you can repeat the round by clicking on the "Next" button by paying the entry price.


What happens if I complete a round and I leave the Arena to play on another server?

If the Arena server is open (the schedules are indicated) you can continue fighting to complete your objective and you can continue where you left it.


Can I see the status of my objective during the game?

You can see your objective status on the left side of the screen.

Note: To complete the goal you must finish the game.


How do I win prizes in the Arena?

In each round of the Arena you have goals to fulfill. To move to the next round, the previous goal must be completed. After finishing the final goal, you will receive the prize automatically.



Will Arena entrance fees and prizes always be the same?


The Arena will be updated periodically. Depending on the prizes to be received the price of entry can vary.

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