Izako Boars vs PRIDE match chronicle

07/12/2018 - 13:00


Fourth and last match of the second week of the Zula Europe Pro League. This match took place between Izako Boars and PRIDE. The boars against the eagles. A duel to death between two great Polish teams.

The games were played in Favela and Old Town.

In Favela, Izako Boars proved that they are one of the best teams on this map. The PRIDE eagles started with the defense turn. They managed to stop the attacks of the wild boars in 4 rounds, so they received 5 points against. In the swap of roles Izako Boars showed a great defense by only fitting two rounds and getting the victory with a result of 10 - 6. The eagles took off the flight in their turn of defense, but later the boars cut their wings stopping their attacks. The best player of the match was Doxiu with a KDA of 1.58 (15/12/4) and making clear how versatile he is with both the sniper rifle and the assault rifle.

In the second map, in Old Town, the players of Izako Boars got a new victory. Pride was able to score 4 rounds in his attack turn, but they were not enough to stop the subsequent attacks of Izako Boars, who ended up reaching the victory with a result of 10 - 6. The best player of the match was ERMAC, the prodigy boy, with a KDA of 2.4 (17/10/7). It is worth mentioning that ERMAC is one of the players who contributes the most with assistances to his team.

Izako Boars is still leader of the Zula Europe Pro League along with PENTA Sports and is still the enemy to beat for the rest of the teams.


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