V 1.18 lands on Zula Europe with a lot of new content!

21/02/2018 - 17:00


Hello everyone,

The V 1.18 is here and on this post we present you all the new content:

New characters

- Gladyo: Elena Terentjeva
- Zula: Zeynep Yılmaz


New customization cards

- Raptor series


- Golden and Silver skins


- Love skins


- Huntsman and Shadow Knife skins


New upgradable weapons

- Fateh (Assault Rifle)
- Khaybar (SMG)
- Shaher (Sniper)
- M902 (Pistol)


New upgrade options

- Huntsman
- Dagger


New deck

- Skin Guaranteed Platinum Deck


New cases

- Weapon Case


- Weapon Case 2


- Legendary Four Case


- Legendary Deck Case


New items

- Action Kit
- Safe Exit

New Material Briefcases

- 1000 Materials with 100 Chrome


- 2500 Materials with 200 Chrome & 200 Titanium


- 5000 Materials with 200 Chrome & 400 Titanium


- 10000 Materials with 1500 Chrome & 1500 Titanium


New features

- Card merge upgrade is added.

You can now pay and upgrade your card during card merge:

    - 5 Common to 1 Uncommon
    - 5 Uncommon to 1 Rare
    - 5 Rare to 1 Legendary

- Players can add their friends by typing nickname now, even friend is offline.


- Istanbul Map removed from Sabotage mode.
- C4 explosion visuals are updated. Now it creates huge black smoke and sound.
- Tournament spectator mode has been renewed.
- Default XP boost is given to clan players now:
    - 5% EXP boost if the clan has more than 5 players.
    - 10% EXP boost if the clan has more than 10 players.
    - 15% EXP boost if the clan has more than 25 players.
- Only team chat is allowed in Competitive Mode.
- Competitive rank icons are being displayed in Competitive Mode matches.
- Player number of competitive server can be seen by everyone now in server list.


- Crash when player wants to join his friend's room is fixed.
- Issue where scroll bar is not working properly in Cards and Card Merge is fixed.
- Issue where cards are not being updated immediately when an offer bought is fixed.
- Issue where sending a gift to player in second page goes to different player is fixed.
- Issue problem where Elimination mode is not being displayed correctly in previous Clan Matches is fixed.

You can give us your feedback about this patch here.

See you on the battlefield!

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