Zula Europe Pro League 2019 Summer Split | Week 1 | Chronicle

30/05/2019 - 15:00


The Zula Europe Pro League 2019 Summer Split has started. In this competition the best teams of the competitive scene fight for the first position and the glory of reaching the victory.

- ACTINA PACT vs Warthox Esport

In the match between ACTINA PACT and Warthox Esport we have enjoyed a magnificient show offered by the Polish team. In China, the ACTINA PACT players gave no respite to Warthox Esport managing to close their turn of attack with a favorable result of 7 - 2. Subsequently, in the turn of attack of Warthox Esport, ACTINA PACT defended impeccably closing the match with a result of 10 - 4. In Wedding Hall, the ACTINA PACT players were totally focused on both attack and defense turns and, therefore, they reached the victory with a result of 10 - 4.


- Izako Boars vs Mercury Esports

We could say that this was the toughest showdown in the league for Mercury Esports as they faced the current champions of the Zula Europe Pro League, Izako Boars. In China, it was the wild boars started attacking, and they did it without mercy, reaching the swap of roles with a favorable result of 7 - 2. Subsequently, during their turn of defense they did not let the players of Mercury Esports score a round, so the game ended with a result of 10 - 2 in favor of Izako Boars. In Wedding Hall, the Mercury Esports players put forward very interesting strategies that were not enough to finish off the Izako Boars players. The result of this match was 10 - 4 for the wild boars.


- For The Win Esports vs. Black Claw

This game was, supposedly, a match that was going to be very close but the Black Claw players gave us a great show. In Old Town, the Black Claw players carried out a great defense against which the members of For The Win could not do anything reaching the swap of roles with a result of 7 - 2 in favor of Black Claw. Later, in their turn of attack the Black Claw players took their black claws and scored 3 rounds in a row, closing the match with a result of 10 - 2. In China, For The Win left some vestige of its quality, but it was not enough to defeat Black Claw, that closed the game with a result of 10 - 4.



In this confrontation PRIDE showed one of the things that make a quality team, union and practice together. In Favela, PRIDE chose to start attacking, something very uncommon in this map. Thanks to their teamwork they managed to close their attack turn with winning 4 of the 9 rounds, which gave them a great advantage in their defense turn, so they managed to close the game with a favorable result of 10 - 5. Old Town it seemed that the balance was going to lean on the side of X6TENCE, but finally the Polish eagles managed to close the game in their turn of defense stopping the attacks of the aliens with a result of 10 - 6.




MVP of the week:


The next matches that we will be able to enjoy next week are the following:


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