Zula Europe Pro League - Calendar

07/11/2017 - 13:26


Hello everyone,

Please. check the calendar clicking on this link.

The league begins today from 18:00 (CET) with the first matches.

The matches will be played on the eSports Arena server.

The MOSS Files and the screenshot with the final result should be uploaded here. If the rival team does not show up, you will have to wait for a GM to give you the default victory and upload the screenshot in which the GM confirms the victory. 

The teams must create the rooms and the referees will join them to launch the match (Room name example "[R1] Team A VS Team B"). Here you have an example of how to create a room (in this case for the first game):


Remember to be on the server with time to create the rooms.

We recommend you to read the rules to make the league develop smoothly. We want to remember one of the rules in particular:

If a team is not ready 10 minutes after the official starting time, it will receive a default loss. Once a team receives 4 default losses during the league, it will be disqualified.

We have sent the Tournament Tickets except to the next players because their names were written wrongly: dakikida, JABLANOVIc_, LEADY`CRY, Exdie and Scumbackle.

See you on the battlefield!

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