Zula Europe Pro League - New Information

13/11/2017 - 15:40


Hello everyone!

We wrote this post to inform you that 19 teams have been disqualified from the league: haterZ, ZARKOVO, godASASIN, SkriVenA_Mafija, Osecina, SyCo, OneLive, GroveStreetFamily, El_Cartel, DonT|CRy, >PHANTOM_LORD<, jadeh_nezami, Lordowie, P3OLSKA, Panteri, assassins_elite, Adranci, Psychotic and The Dream Team.

Due to the large number of disqualified teams we decided to eliminate all the points received by the teams that have won by default against said teams. About the matches that have been played normally, the results will be maintained as you will see in the document of the new calendar and the table.

Only the points for victory by default referring to the matches of teams that have not been disqualified will be maintained and always until it is proceeded to its disqualification.

IMPORTANT: when uploading the files and the screenshot with the final result, remember to add the match to which it belongs [R1], [R2], etc.

The results that have been maintained may be in a different day than they were, but that will not affect at all, simply that when we reach that day, the teams involved will not have to carry out that game.

It is a permanent decision and we hope you respect it.

Best regards.

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