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12/01/2018 - 12:50

Hello everyone!

The Zula Europe Pro League World Tournament Edition is here. You will be able to win great prizes and get a unique status for your eSports team, and the most important thing, one of the 6 wildcards to join the World Tournament Qualifier Tournament.

We will carry out an eliminating tournament before the beginning of the league. On this tournament all the teams reaching the round of 32 will pass directly to the league (IMPORTANT: the tournament will be only played until the round of 32). This tournament will take place on January 23rd from 18:00 (CET). There is no limit of teams to join this tournament. All the team members will receive 3000 Zula Gold and a Golden Deck if they play their matches.

To sign up for the eliminating tournament click here and fill in all the necessary information.

Teams must have 5 members and they have the possibility to add 2 players as a reserve optionally. IMPORTANT: We will not allow roster changes during the league.

IMPORTANT: you can sing up for the tournament until January 19th at 23:59 (CET).

VERY IMPORTANT: the first 8 qualified teams on the Zula Europe Pro League will pass directly to the league: NETopery, myRevenge, Team Demise, KLYV, ANKERMANN GRIFFINS, eSports Ready BTW, TeamIceberg and Turkish Army. (Even if there is a name change that should be notified to the GMs)

VERY IMPORTANT: before the tournament we will carry on a previous round to reach the number of 24 matches = 48 teams for the 24 places available.

VERY IMPORTANT: If NETopery or eSports ready BTW reach the places to obtain a wildcard they will not receive it and it will pass to the 7th and/or 8th classified.

VERY IMPORTANT: On this league there will not be a Playoff because it is a qualifying league for the World Tournament Qualifier.

Best regards,

Zula Europe Team

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