Zula World Cup – Semifinals Chronicle

11/04/2018 - 17:00


Hello everyone:

We leave you the Zula World Cup Semifinals Chronicle.

In the semifinals WeMakeTheFuture faced Black Dragons on the one hand and YouthCrew faced Izako Boars on the other.

In the first semifinal between WMTF and Black Dragons we lived a very close match to the best of three maps.

The first game was played in Favela at the highest level of both teams. Finally, Black Dragons won with a tight result of 10 - 8. The MVP of the match was BD*Jhow, of Black Dragons, with 19 kills, 3 assists and 10 deaths (KDA 2.20). On behalf of WMTF, #Surprise! was the most outstanding player with 13 kills, 2 assists and 10 deaths (KDA 1.50). In this map swooN# stood out for his little presence in the game of his team with only 3 kills.

The second game took place in Refugee’s Camp and WMTF got the victory against the Brazilian team thus forcing the need to play the third map to break the tie.

The map selected for the third game was the Wedding Hall. In this game both teams gave their best ending with a tight result of 10 - 8 in favor of WMTF in a last and frantic round.


In the second semifinal YouthCrew fazed Izako Boars. Both teams played at a great level, but Izako Boars ended up dominating and rising with the victory in the first 2 maps.

The first game was played in Favela where Izako Boars won with a result of 10 - 7. In this match Izako Boars had a rather negative start getting only 2 of the 9 rounds in attack, but when defending they dominated completely winning all rounds followed until victory is achieved. On this map Doxiu was the best player on the part of Izako Boars with 17 kills, 2 assists and 9 deaths (KDA 2.11) and, on the part of YouthCrew, YC`Just1st was the best with 14 kills, 3 assists and 13 deaths (KDA 1.30).

In the second game the Wedding Hall was selected to play. The result was 10 - 7 in favor of Izako Boars. YC`VonS had a stellar performance with 26 kills, 1 assistance and 12 deaths (KDA 1.16) that did not help at all facing the wall of Izako Boars being Doxiu and ERMAC the two best players with 19 kills, 3 assists and 12 deaths (KDA 1.83) and 16 kills, 5 assists and 12 deaths (KDA 1.75) respectively.


Video: Zula World Cup - Semifinals

See you on the battlefield!

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