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Gone Viral

Gone Viral is an action game with rogue-lite elements where you'll fight for your life in a Prison Arena with the task to sate the audience's thirst for blood. Mutate and get weapons to crush your enemies, escape and Go Viral.


Gone Viral

When a civilisation dies, so too do its scruples. You’ve been captured by a society that glorifies just one thing: violence! And followers, of course! Can’t forget those. Perform sick combos to satiate your Fan's thirst for blood and obtain rewards. Upgrade your Murdering Skills to give an even better spectacle and move one to the next room, leaving behind a trail of blood and tears (mostly blood) on your path. Grab your freedom by the throat and don’t let go.

Levels in Gone Vial as randomly generated, are filled with violence and obey the laws of physics, which comes in handy when you eventually unleash your brutality against your foes. Become a social Murdia Star both in-game and IRL. “What? IRL?” That’s right! Thanks to the Twitch Integration feature, you can bring your audience to be part of Gone Viral.


Informacije o igri

  • Naslov: Gone Viral

  • Kategorije:

  • Oznake:

  • Developer: Skullbot Games

  • Izdavač: Akupara Games (Surefire.Games)


Interfejs Glasovi Prevod

Zahtjevi sistema


  • OS: Windows 7 SP1 / 8 / 10 (64 bit only)

  • CPU: X64 Dual Core CPU, 2+ GHz

  • RAM: 4 GB

  • GC: Discrete Non Mobile GPU with 1 GB Ram

  • HDD: 2 GB

Događaji u igri

Zakrpe // Upute // Tutorijali


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