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A mutant soap opera where gossip meets the supernatural. Follow Kai though the enigamtic Mutazione and tend to grandpa. Discover colourful places, magic gardens, meet new friends and old secrets...



A mutant soap opera where gossip meets the supernatural.

In MUTAZIONE, drama is what drives the story, allowing you to delve deep into juicy gossip.

As Kai, a 15-year old, you’ll travel to the secretive and weird community of Mutazione in your quest to tend to your grandpa: Nonno.

Throughout the adventure you’ll meet new friends, plant musical gardens, attend boat trips, bad nights and barbeques… oh, and also embark on a spiritual journey to save everyone from the strange darkness that hangs over the town. Your average trip.

They say that, 100 years ago, a tropical holiday resort was struck by a meteor: the “Moon Dragon”. Almost all of the inhabitants died, and the ones that survived did so with terrible mutations. The rescue retreated, and the ones left behind founded the isolated community called Mutazione.

Back to the present day, 15-year-old Kai arrives at Mutazione to nurse her grandpa, Nonno, back to health. It only things were that simple… Nonno has other plans for the young Kai. This a story full of secrets, betrayals and darks turn that beseech the friendly community of Mutazione… and also a creepy bird-like figure that haunts Kai’s dreams.

The survived an apocalyptic meteor strike, but will they survive the drama?


Informacije o igri

  • Naslov: Mutazione

  • Kategorije:

  • Oznake:

  • Developer: Die Gute Fabrik

  • Izdavač: Akupara Games (0)


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Zahtjevi sistema


  • OS: Windows 7

  • CPU: 2.6 GHz

  • RAM: 4 GB

  • GC: GeForce 700 Series

  • HDD: 3 GB

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Zakrpe // Upute // Tutorijali


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