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Rocket Blasters

Rocket Blasters is a fast paced, action packed shoot-em-up set during the invasion of the Dread Pizza Armada. Its hand-drawn art gives it a unique style. Blowing stuff up has never been so fun!


Rocket Blasters

Rocket Blasters is a fast paced, action packed space themed shoot-em-up. Rack up points by destroying asteroids and enemies on your trip through the stars.


There is nothing too deep going on here, blow up asteroids, enemy spaceships and occasional bosses in your very own super awesome rocket ship. Get a variety of upgraded weapons in order to help blow up more asteroids, enemy spaceships ... you get the idea. Find out if you have the right stuff to get on (and stay on) the Rocket Blasters Steam Leaderboards!

Unique Scoring System

Rocket Blasters has a unique system that rewards precision and restraint while blowing stuff up. Each time you fire your weapon, you lose a point, that's right, you lose a point for shooting. However, each time you hit something, you will get 2 or more points back, depending on what you hit. Spamming bullets may be easier, but it will not get you the high score. Check your score on the Steam Global Leader Boards!


Asteroids are not the only obstacle your rocket will encounter along the way. The Dread Pizza Armada is planning an attack on Earth, and you must destroy as many of their drones as possible.


Rocket Blasters is the end result of a small series of ball-point pen drawings.


Informacije o igri

  • Naslov: Rocket Blasters

  • Kategorije:

  • Oznake:

  • Developer: Schmidt Workshops

  • Izdavač: Immanitas Entertaiment GmbH (Schmidt Workshops)


Interfejs Glasovi Prevod

Zahtjevi sistema


  • OS: XP or later

  • CPU: 300 MHz Pentium or Better

  • RAM: 256 MB

  • GC: 1024x768 resolution 32-bit True Color - DirectX 9 Compatible

  • HDD: 25 MB

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